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Margaret – looking better than we’ve ever seen

Thanks to Mike Wilson and Mike’s associate, artist Sue Hourigan, we are now able to see our forebear Margaret Wilson nee Williamson, so much clearer than ever before. Mike and Sue put their heads together and closely studied the two images we have of Margaret, the one here on the left believed to have been painted by her husband William when she was late forties, and the other a photograph taken much later when she was in her 70s (see below). William’s water-colour painting is unfortunately not as distinct today as it probably was originally. However Mike and Sue’s work has allowed an excellent and distinctive facial structure interpretation to be made of how she looked when about 50. Age 50 would date the painting to near 1846, about the time the family had moved from Sorrel to O’Brien’s Bridge. With Mike & Sue’s approval we are now able to present the results – a wonderful interpretation which we think you will agree gives a real life presence to her face. Margaret is said to have been of rather stern outlook in her later life and this image seems to capture that expression and maybe a touch of sadness in her eyes too. Perhaps a future step in this digital age will be to identify a programme which will allow us to ‘de-age’ her back to when she was in...

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Protected: Secure Research page

This is a locked page requiring password for access. Access is available only to Wilson family members engaged in research of the Wilson family. It includes various items of research which are in preliminary stages and not yet available for public release. The Story of Jeanne Pauline Emilie Vangraschepe of Rouen, France   The Vangraschepe Images...

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