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Our Links with other Families

Family research inevitably uncovers many surprises – not infrequently even certain matters which some people might prefer had not come to light. Such has been the case in the discovery of William’s earlier relationship and his ‘other family’ which he left behind in Scotland – the story of which is set out within the sub-page ‘Meet the Archers’.


But for the most part our Connections are not out of the ordinary, just recountings of some other noteworthy family names to which the Wilsons were linked usually by marriage, or circumstance, and which will have their own distinct genealogies – some we know quite a lot about, others just a few snippets of interest.


Part of our ongoing research has been to monitor the research activities occuring with the family lines of the various “Connections’ names we highlight in this section. With the amount of interest in and research going on in so many families today it is highly probable that someone, somewhere has much info on the Bowmans, the Williamsons, the MacDonalds and so on. In this way we can progressively access and expand on what we can display on important connections into our Wilson family.


So, if you happen across links that look to be part of the connections into the Wilsons, please let us know. Connections also sheds light on many of the middle and even third ‘christian’ names that were bestowed on members of our family over the generations. The more common such as Bowman and Williamson are fairly obvious in origin – others in our direct lines such as Hartley are less obvious and still uncertain. Yet others like MacDonald (and and its alternate McDonald), Langloh, Sydney, Mitchell, Rosa and Montague have come into our family via less direct ‘connections’ routes.


[The image shown in the header box at top is of William Borrodaile Wilson's 'Clarendon on the Derwent' property at Gretna near Hamilton, Tasmania. This image taken in 2004 shows the homestead which externally at least is still substantially as it was in the 1820s. The Borrodaile Wilsons story may be read further along on this mainpage]