The Boulter family is one with more than an average claim to noteworthiness with tales of adventure on, and off, the high seas; one of which is epitomised in the image below – can you guess what this image depicts and our first Boulter’s experience with it.

But equally noteworthy the Boulters is a family with members in its first and later generations who excelled in many ways – in business, in horticulture, in the fine arts with song and music, in jurisprudence (in diverse and opposite ways too), and in heroic exploits in the field of battle.

The Boulter union with our Wilsons came about when the first of the Boulters to arrive in Australia, James Richard Boulter, met Elizabeth (shown here), the second daughter of William Sorell Wilson & Eliza Wilson. James Richard was a crew member, a steward, on board HMS Inconstant which in company with other ships of the line made a goodwill visit to Melbourne in 1881.