On this page we plan to display members of the broader families deriving from John Bowman & Agnes Eliza Wilson – their sons and daughters in law, and their grandchildren. We ask the support of family members to assist us in populating this page with those members.

Our colleagues in research, sisters Karen Roe & Glenden Andrews, recently visited Brisbane and family connections there deriving from Edwin Wilson and his brother Arthur who moved there from Victoria early 20th century. Karen and Glenden have been able to secure a lot of new information on these families, and some new photographs too.

We commence with two of the newly discovered images – firstly of certain members of the families of Arthur Wilson and his brother Edwin. At the time this image was recorded both Arthur and Edwin were separated from their wives.

Picnic Group

The second image is of Elizabeth Sonnenberg and her daughter Gladys. Gladys suffered from polio as a child. She was later to marry her cousin Theodore Wilson.

On the ‘Stories’ main page, under ‘Queensland Picnic’, both images are available in higher quality downloadable format.