Edwin was the fifth of the eleven children of John Bowman Wilson and Agnes Eliza, and grandson to Bonnie William & Margaret. Details of the immediate families of Edwin & his spouse Annabella Rosa nee Cavell, and that of his son Albert Corry & Marjory Jane Wilson may be seen in these Chart Sets.  More detailed information on descendants of Albert Corry & Marjory Jane may be seen on the accompanying page ‘The Edwin Wilson Family – Charts and Images 2’. The latter is a password protected page as the Charts displayed contain living persons requiring confined access for Privacy reasons.

The image shown here has the confirmed image of Edwin – however, that shown of ‘Annabella’ is a possible only and has not been confirmed. Edwin and Annabella separated and presumably later divorced. To 2019 no trace has been found of Annabella in BDM records across Australia despite intensive search. It seems possible she changed her name and so disappeared from the scene. It is understood their separation was a difficult one with third party apparently involved, one legend having it that she was barred from contact with her children.

Edwin and Annabella Family Chart                      Albert Corry and Marjory Family Chart