On this page we introduce some of our earliest ancestors – Margaret Williamson, and her three sons William Sorell, Frederick Langloh, and John Bowman Wilson. No known photograph of Bonnie William has yet been found – but we live in hope that somewhere, hidden away and forgotten, such an image exists, and will one day come to light.

Included in the gallery group below, is a photograph of William’s grandson Albert Williamson Wilson, son of Frederick Langloh Wilson: Albert is said by our Tasmanian cousins, according to stories still in their families, to bear a remarkable resemblance to William – for the present this likeness must suffice to allow us to imagine how Bonnie William might have looked at around 30 years of age – ie, shortly after his arrival in Hobart.

The legend goes on that it was only in physical appearance that the two were aligned – unlike Bonnie William, Albert is said to have been an intensely serious ‘no nonsense’ personality, probably more akin to his grandmother’s temperament.