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The galleries in this section feature the many images of members of our Wilson family and connected families that we have been able to access and identify. It has been a slow and laborious process which has proceeded actively over the past twenty five and more years.Many photographs have come to the attention of our research group from time to time which were initially unidentified, however exchange around the research group, cross reference with other images, and progressive reference more broadly around the family has enabled confident identification eventually to be made with many, but not all. We presently have a dozen or so unidentified images (which are listed in this section) – some may be family members, others probably not.The saddest story which those undertaking family history research encounter so often is that of ‘our lovely old great-aunt Gertrude’ who had a big clean out of all this old family stuff with lots of old photographs of people no one can remember – it went to the tip or onto a Queen’s birthday weekend bonfire. Tragic – our ancestors erased from history.However, we may feel fortunate that much has been secured and retained for future generations, indeed quite sufficient to enable us to present a fairly comprehensive picture of the Bonnie William Wilson family’s origins, and of the lives of ancestors who came before us. The ‘discovery’ of Flo Bubb’s Trunk (see on the Stories Page) substantially expanded our image collection; the images which appear on this page are but a few of those from that source. 
From our many cousins who share an interest in expanding our knowledge of Bonnie William’s family as it has evolved in Australia, we have accumulated many, many photographs of past and present members.The ‘Galleries’ present some of these images – primarily focussing to the first few generations who came to or were born in Australia – but also some who have been active in family research, others who have made their names through excellence in one field or another, and yet others who simply have lent their moral support from time to time.Some of our active researchers are introduced in the sub-page ‘Meet our Researchers’, whilst still photographs and video clips from the great re-unions and small gatherings we have enjoyed in 1994 in Hobart, then in 1995 at Hastings and again later that year in and around Hobart, and subsequently in several gatherings, will be added in the coming weeks in the sub-page ‘Re-unions and Gatherings’