A concert soprano on the leading concert hall stages of England and Australia, our very own Amy Ethel Boulter, daughter of Elizabeth Wilson & James Boulter and grand daughter of William Sorell Wilson. Named, as was the custom for great singers, Madame Rosa Alba, after the subtle beauty of the ancient rose – Rosa Alba Maxima.

We suspect this naming might also have been influenced by the name of her grandmother’s sister Rosa Wilson. After many years of search for an image of Rosa Alba it seems likely one has at last been discovered.

Sisters and research colleagues Karen Roe and Glenden Andrews in a recent exploratory visit to Brisbane discovered many images of old family. One of them, shown below, is believed to be of our Madame Rosa Alba – it appears to have been taken with Rosa seated or standing in a box in a concert hall perhaps in London – perhaps following a performance, with a bouquet at her left. Karen and Glenden uncovered several items of oral history evidence from past family members which strongly suggests this image is of Rosa Alba.

Our colleague Jennie Towan has transcribed and sent to us a clipping from The Argus of April 21, 1922 with a story of Rosa Alba’s success and a lateral image of her – certainly the hairstyle supports the validity of Karen’s image, and the facial structure also seems consistent.

Jennie’s transcription is appended to the further story of ‘Madame Rosa Alba’ on our ‘STORIES 1′ main page. Click link here